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John Lusk

Iowa, USA

John Lusk became a disciple in 1983 while he was a student at Louisiana State University. After receiving a BS in Civil Engineering, he was married to his wife Barri and they moved to Memphis, TN. There, John studied at Harding University Graduate School of Religion and received a Master's of Arts in Religion in 1987.

Ever since that time, John & Barri have served in the full time ministry and have led churches or ministries in San Francisco, CA, Sacramento, CA, St. Louis, MO, Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines and Denver, CO. Additionally, John has been a guest speaker, addressing thousands of people all over the US and in many other nations. They presently live in Des Moines, Iowa, where John serves as the Lead Evangelist of the Des Moines Christian Church and as a Teacher in the Midwest.

Literary Context in Hermeneutics

An often overlooked step in any hermeneutical process is identifying and understanding the literary genre in which a passage is written. This class will give an overview of the different literary genres found in the Bible and provide a greater understanding of the role that genre plays in the interpretation of a passage.

Thursday, February 24th

3:30 PM - 4:45 PM




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