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Dr. Glenn Giles

Colorado, USA

Lincoln Christian Seminary, M Div, New Testament
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Th. M., New Testament
Marquette University, Ph. D. residency, Religious Studies
Trinity Theological Seminary, Ph.D., Biblical Studies

Founder, Director, and Professor of Bible and Theology, RMSMT
Adjunct Professor of Bible, Lincoln Christian University
Teacher and Elder, Denver Church of Christ
Th.M. Thesis: The Meaning of Matthew 21:43 and Its Role in the Development of the Rejection Theme of Matthew’s Gospel,
Ph.D. Thesis: An Investigation of the Contribution of Matthew 7:21-23 to the Obedience
Theology of Matthew’s Gospel,
Numerous articles at

Intimate Positive Experiential Relationship as the Focal Point or Organizational Center and Impetus for the Bible sustained by Yada’/Ginosko Theology: An Inquiry

This study is an inquiry into the idea of “relationship” (specifically “intimate positive experiential relationship”) being the Central Focal Point of the whole Bible. It seeks to show that it is God’s desire for this type of relationship (between himself and human beings, and between human beings and other human beings) which is the impetus and purpose behind the Bible. In considering this idea, this class we will look at other different Organizational Centers that have been proposed and offer this relational focus as one which might unite many other proposed Centers showing itself as a common denominator. In addition, perhaps at its core, since the term “relationship” is not clearly a term specifically found in the Bible, this presentation will attempt to show how Yada’/Ginosko Theology can be one of the undergirding Scriptural facets and definers of the above mentioned desired “relationship.” If accepted, then this focus creates an overarching framework for reading the Bible and hopes to answer the question “What is the Bible all about?"

Thursday, February 24th

3:30 PM - 4:45 PM



YADA': The Unique Heart of True Christianity:

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