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Arturo Elizarraras

Mexico City, Mexico

Arturo Elizarraras serves as one of the Evangelists and the Congregational Bible Teacher for the Mexico City church, a church of almost 4,000 members and the second biggest church in all the ICOC family of churches. He has a degree in Cybernetics and Computing Systems Engineering from La Salle University in Mexico City, he is close to finish his Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology, in Denver, CO. Arturo leads the Teaching Ministry in Mexico, focused on training and raising future Bible Teachers for the Mexican churches, with some members from Central and South America, and even some Latin Ministries in the US. He is also the President of the Ezra Project Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on disseminate deep biblical teaching for the average members of the Spanish-speaking churches, and also in providing the platform for the MTA program for training Christian ministers in Mexico. Arturo is also the Academic Director for the Latin America School of Missions (LATAM SoM), affiliated with Beam Missions Foundation from Boston, focused on training the new generation of ministers for the churches in Mexico. Together with his wife Ana Rosa Herrera lead a Region of almost 300 members in the Metropolitan Area of the Mexico City church.

The Church: The Pillar and Foundation of the Truth

Taking up again the biblical call for the church to become what Paul described as “the pillar and foundation of the truth”, especially in the post-pandemic scenario with the ideological and philosophical influence left by social networks in many Christians around the world, who have been exposed more than ever before to many doctrinal currents, conspiracy theories and cultural movements within the range of a single click. The modern Christian church needs to recognize the ideological battle that is taking place on many Christians’ minds after being overly exposed to many Gigabytes of information at the same time, thanks to the confinement induced by the pandemic and the isolation from the close relationships with the local congregation. The Christians ministers need to recognize too the enormous need of a healthy diet of biblical teaching to the congregations, and the key role that the Bible teacher has in strengthening the church, especially in the ICOC fellowship of churches that historically was characterized in a global scale for not taking seriously the need for deep biblical teaching.

Thursday, February 24th

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM




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