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Dr. Trevor Cochell

Lincoln Christian College, Illinois, USA

Trevor Cochell, PhD, is Director of the Online MA in Bible & Theology for Lincoln Christian University, Professor of Old Testament and Curriculum Development for Rocky Mountain School of Ministry & Theology, and a pastor for Elkton Christian Church (Elkton, Oregon). Trevor’s academic and ecclesial interests center on learning and teaching how to respond to the Old Testament as Christian Scripture. Trevor owes his love for studying Scripture to his parents, Dick and Kathy, and the church that helped raise him – Sixth and Gibbs Church of Christ. Trevor lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon, with his wife of 32 years, Kimberly.

Scripture as Story: A Starting Point for Teaching and Preaching from the Old Testament

This presentation will describe an intentional approach to reading the Bible as story. We often encounter the stories of the Bible in our teaching and preaching and this approach regards these stories as episodes that contribute to a unified, overarching story. When it comes to hermeneutics and the Old Testament, this approach provides reason for regular engagement of the Old Testament and some specific methods for interpretation.

Saturday, February 26th

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM




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