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Dr. Keith Krispin

Johnson University, Illinois, USA

With over 35 years in ministry leadership and education, Keith has a passion for developing leaders who will mobilize others for ministry and organizational effectiveness. His approach integrates biblical foundations with the best in scholarly leadership research and thought, fostering thoughtful, biblically grounded leadership practice. He recently joined the faculty at Johnson University where he oversees the dissertation process for the PhD in Leadership Studies program. In his off hours, he enjoys the outdoors - hiking, walking, running, & paddleboarding - with his wife and kids.

Scripture, Scholarship, and Leadership: An Integrative Approach

Writers and speakers on ministry and Christian leadership often take one of three approaches: 1) study the Scriptures, 2) explore relevant “secular” business and scholarly sources, or 3) examine personal experience to identify “what works” in the field. While each may be helpful, each approach also has significant limitations. Rooted in the discipline of practical theology, this seminar will explore an integrative approach towards faithful ministry leadership practice.

Thursday, February 24th

9:15 AM - 10:30 AM




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