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Dr. Courtney A. Bailey

Kingston, Jamaica

Courtney is an Attorney-at-Law, who serves as a Congregational Teacher in the Kingston Church of Christ. He is the co-founder and co-director of the Damian Jean-Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry, a ministry training academy for the ICOC congregations in the Caribbean. He has served as an Instructor in New Testament at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology (Denver, Colorado), where he lectured on the Pastoral Epistles. He currently serves as an Adjunct Lecturer in New Testament at the United Theological College of the West Indies (Kingston, Jamaica), where he lectures on the Pauline Epistles. His PhD (Theology) dissertation (University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, 2020) examined the Pastoral Epistles, including the relevance of the Greco-Roman Household context to their interpretation.

Reading the Pastoral Epistles with the Greco-Roman Household as Context

This class will examine the Greco-Roman Household as the socio-cultural context and dominant metaphor for interpreting the Pastoral Epistles. It will seek to demonstrate that unwittingly reading these letters through the lens of the contemporary reader’s socio-cultural context, and without understanding the Greco-Roman Household context of the letters can lead to misunderstanding and misapplication of their texts. Conversely, reading the letters with an understanding of the Greco-Roman Household as their context will yield a deeper and more accurate understanding and more appropriate contemporary applications that are faithful to the text.

Friday, February 25th

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM



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