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Dr. Andy Boakye

University of Manchester, England

Andy Boakye is Lecturer in Religion and Theology at the University of Manchester where he is also departmental admissions officer, chairman of the postgraduate research seminar and collaborative academic advisor for Luther King House, one of the largest Baptist seminaries in North England and Spurgeon’s College London. Andy is on the editorial board of Grove Books, is a member of the British New Testament Society and is a frequent contributor to the Journal of the Study of New Testament.

He has taught New Testament Studies at the University of Manchester, the University of Chester and Leeds Trinity University. He was formerly theologian-in-residence for St Peter's House church and Chaplaincy, a multi denominational University Chaplaincy.

His research interests include Resurrection in Second Temple Judaism, ancient Christian identity construction, the significance of Abraham within Post-Biblical Jewish literature, Biblical Theology and the use of the Old Testament in the New.

His book “Death and Life: Resurrection, Restoration and Rectification in Paul's Letter to the Galatians”, was published in 2017 and his most recent book, co-authored with Professor Peter Oakes, is entitled “Rethinking Galatians: Paul's Vision of Oneness in the Living Christ”, and was published in February 2021. He has been commissioned to write the Zondervan Word Biblical Themes volume on Ephesians for release in 2025. He has trained clergy on issues of race and religion, spoken widely on New Testament interpretation and Pauline theology and has contributed to both radio and television on subjects including ‘religion and masculinity’ and crucifixion in the Roman Empire.

Dr Boakye serves in the teaching ministry in the Thames Valley Church of Christ and is most importantly husband to Chi and father to Aaron (19) and Storm (17).

The Crucified Ego: Galatians and the Politics of Narrative

This presentation is on what it means to consider Israel’s story as Christian scripture. The Jesus narratives are understood to be a fulfilment and outworking of Jewish redemptive history, and these narratives to punctuate the theology of Paul. This class will demonstrate how the resurrection of Jesus is the high point of redemptive history as reflected in Galatians and suggest why this has import for us as teachers, for those who lead in churches and indeed for disciples more broadly.

Friday, February 25th

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM



Galatians, chapters 4 and 5.

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