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Dr. Anne O'Leary

Anne specializes in the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Matthew, and the comparison of the respective Christological dimensions of both sacred texts. Her expertise includes examining the relationship between the Gospel of John and the Synoptics in the context of the use of sources in Graeco-Roman antiquity.

Anne’s current research interests include exploring how contextual biblical hermeneutics and biblical spiritualities can create “bridges” that connect biblical exegesis with Christian praxis today.

As a Presentation Sister, Anne’s research interests include the area of Marian/Presentation spirituality that arises from the study of the Protogospel of James and its impact through the ages; and the role of Mary/Miriam in the Roman Catholic tradition, the Eastern Orthodox tradition and in Islam.
As part of her Graduate studies, Anne trained as a Spiritual Director and a facilitator of Ignatian communal discernment with Fr Thomas H. Green, SJ. Anne has presented papers and/or facilitated workshops, Chapters/assemblies and retreats in over twenty countries.

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